Live Music at Oscars



The  Mixx – Friday,  August 9 at 10PM

Whether it’s Country, Rock, Dance, Top 40, or Reggae you’re looking for, The Mixx delivers! One of Hamilton’s favourite cover bands makes the trek to Brampton’s favourite live music venue, and will have Oscar’s rockin’! Don’t miss it!


Fiddlestix – Saturday,  August 10 at 10PM

Nothing like a great Fiddle-Rock show! Multi-award winning extreme electric violinist Steve Bowen combines many styles and genres with their unique energy and flair. A one-of-a-kind experience you and your friends won’t soon forget!

Barslap – Friday,  August 16 at 10PM

Barslap is a hard working  local band that thrives on playing the music you would love to hear, but rarely do, in a live setting. Having a wide range of interests influenced by hard rock, classic rock, blues and alternative they are sure to hit everyone with the right notes.


Wheelhouse – Saturday,  August 17 at 10PM

A little rock, a little country, a little pop. The incredible musicians in this London-based band will have you rockin’ all night long with their infectious mix of genres. You won’t know what’s coming next, but you’re gonna love it!

Lucky 13 – Friday,  August 23 at 10PM




Shotgun Nun – Saturday,  August 24 at 10PM

Shotgun Nun are quickly sweeping the Brampton scene with their unique style and wide versatility. Fronted by alternative rock singer Tim Langdon, they currently play a wide range of covers from Stone Temple Pilots to Van Halen. The band’s wide range of musical styles and dynamics conjoined by lead singer Mike McKean, guitar player Nick Sametz,and bassist James Cassidy, prove to not only break the rules of the top 40 band, but they shatter the threshold with their heavy style and intense performing abilities. (credit: Nick Sametz – Shotgun Nun)


Party of 4 – Friday,  August 30 at 10PM

The walls of Oscars Roadhouse will be rockin’ when Party of 4 hit the stage. An incredibly exciting Ontario-based band, Party of 4 play all the hits from all the way back in the 1950’s until today. You won’t want to miss them!

Ramblin’ Soul – Saturday,  August 31 at 10PM

One of Ontario’s finest top 40 and classic rock bands, Ramblin’ Soul will have you and your pals up and dancing in no time! Enjoy your favourite tunes by this fun, engaging band!