Live Music at Oscars


Whiskey Swagger – Friday, February 14 at 10PM

Ready to rock?? Whiskey Swagger is a high energy Irish/Canadian rock band with some pretty strong punk vibes. The walls and the windows at Oscars are gonna be rockin, make sure you’re inside!

Raquel & the Bluetones – Saturday, February 15 at 10PM

Oscar’s Roadhouse favourites Raquel & the Bluetones are back to get you movin’ and groovin’. This 5-piece band will have you feeling the groove and moving your feet. Bring your dancing shoes, these guys are good!

Barslap – Friday, February 21 at 10PM

Barslap is a hard working, local band that thrives on playing the music you would love to hear, but rarely do, in a live setting. Having a wide range of interests influenced by hard rock, classic rock, blues and alternative they are sure to hit everyone with the right notes.

Sister Scarlett – Friday, February 22 at 10PM

Lets Go!! Sister Scarlett visits the Oscars Roadhouse stage from Barrie, ON, and brings their high energy rock tunes to get you movin’!

Bon Jovi Forever – Friday, February 28 at 10PM

Go ahead, close your eyes. You’ll be transported to a stadium show with Jon Bon himself belting out your favourite Bon Jovi hits! Canada’s premiere Bon Jovi tribute band is back and better than ever! Grab your friends and get ready to sing along at the top of your lungs!

Modern LP – Saturday, February 29 at 10PM

Love 90’s rock? Who doesn’t. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Modern LP, one of the GTA’s finest 90’s rock cover bands. Have a night with your favourite tunes from bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots and more!

Ramblin Soul – Friday, March 6 at 10PM

Monkey Wrench – Saturday, March 7 at 10PM

Hardcover – Friday, March 13 at 10PM

Pint of No Return (St Practice Day) – Saturday, March 14 at 10PM

Pint of No Return (St Paddy’s Day) – Tuesday, March 17 at 10PM

The Cronics – Friday, March 20 at 10PM

Itchy & Scratchy – Saturday, March 21 at 10PM

Disturb the Universe – Friday, March 27 at 10PM

Nozmo Kings – Saturday, March 28 at 10PM