Live Music at Oscars




 Many More – Saturday,  October 19 at 10PM


This awesome band makes their return to the Oscar’s Roadhouse stage! Always a crowd pleaser, be ready to bob your head, pump your fist, or let it all go and dance! The entire gang will love it!


Stringhoppers – Friday,  October 25 at 10PM


Do you and your friends have varied tastes? Some like oldies, some love the biggest tunes on the pop radio stations, and others just want to dance? Don’t miss Stringhoppers! One of the GTA’s best cover bands, they’ll put on a great show with a sound that will satisfy your whole crew!



Screamin’ Evil Blues Band – Saturday,  October 26 at 10PM


Tired of the same old top 40 homogenized “music” the radio keeps throwing at you these days? Dying for some authentic Bluesy rock ‘n roll? So are we, which is why we can’t wait for the Screamin’ Evil Blues Band to make their visit! Hard driving tunes you’ll love whether it’s the first time you’ve heard ‘em or the 500th!



Hardcover – Friday,  November 1 at 10PM


Just 5 guys in a hard working rock n’ roll band, playing Top 40 Classic Rock! Join us for an evening of your favourite songs from the soundtrack of your youth and dance the night away with HardCover!



Full Tilt – Saturday,  November 2 at 10PM


Full Tilt is exactly how you’ll feel when this band hits the stage! Playing classic Rock and Blues with loads of energy, the stunning vocals will grab you, and the keys, guitars, drum and bass will keep you moving! Super entertaining, expert musicians. Don’t miss it!



The Cronics – Friday,  November 8 at 10PM


ROCK! Whether you prefer classic or new cuts, The Cronics will move you like no other! Veterans of the Oscar’s Roadhouse stage, they never fail to deliver a night of dancing to your favourite rock hits!



Barslap – Saturday,  November 9 at 10PM


Barslap is a hard working, local band that thrives on playing the music you would love to hear, but rarely do, in a live setting. Having a wide range of interests influenced by hard rock, classic rock, blues and alternative they are sure to hit everyone with the right notes.



Southpawz – Friday,  November 15 at 10PM


Southpawz is a 5-piece band that came together in 2014 for the purpose of bringing uncommonly good Canadian Classic Rock to the GTA. The band does a fantastic mix of music that includes tunes from Canadian icons Gowan, Bryan Adams, Max Webster, The Guess Who, Blue Rodeo, and The Kings. They add non-Canadian acts like Styx, The Killers, David Bowie and Elvis Costello to name a few. The band has a terrific dance vibe and is just plain great to listen to if you don’t want to dance. (credit



Shotgun Nun – Saturday,  November 16 at 10PM


Shotgun Nun are quickly sweeping the Brampton scene with their unique style and wide versatility. Fronted by alternative rock singer Tim Langdon, they currently play a wide range of covers from Stone Temple Pilots to Van Halen. The band’s wide range of musical styles and dynamics conjoined by lead singer Mike McKean, guitar player Nick Sametz,and bassist James Cassidy, prove to not only break the rules of the top 40 band, but they shatter the threshold with their heavy style and intense performing abilities. (credit: Nick Sametz – Shotgun Nun)



Modern LP – Friday,  November 22 at 10PM


Love 90’s rock? Who doesn’t. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Modern LP, one of the GTA’s finest 90’s rock cover bands. Have a night with your favourite tunes from bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots and more!



I, the Mountain – Saturday,  November 23 at 10PM


Easily recognized by their crisp harmonies, clever hooks, and high-energy performances, I, the Mountain has built a loyal and growing following across Southern Ontario. Formed in 2012, while attending Trent University in Peterborough, ON, I, The Mountain quickly became a household name across the city. As well-known Canadian artists toured through town, they established themselves as the staple openers for acts such as The Strumbellas, The Wooden Sky, and Elliot Brood. Now, as the band moves on from their lives in Peterborough, they continue to grow their fanbase in Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, and beyond. Fresh off their recent studio collaborations with Canadian music icons Simon Ward (The Strumbellas) and Jonas Bonetta (Evening Hymns) I, the Mountain is set to bring their trademark indie-folk sound to mainstages across Canada. (I, the Mountain Facebook Page @ithemountain) Back


Flashback – Friday,  November 29 at 10PM


Itching for your favourite Classic Rock cuts you grew up with? Flashback will be here to take you right back! This 5-piece band will play some of the best tracks from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Roy Orbison, Elvis, the Beach Boys, and more!



Bon Jovi Forever – Saturday,  November 30 at 10PM


Go ahead, close your eyes. You’ll be transported to a stadium show with Jon Bon himself belting out your favourite Bon Jovi hits! Canada’s premiere Bon Jovi tribute band is back and better than ever! Grab your friends and get ready to sing along at the top of your lungs!